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There are two schools of thought about a furnace and how it dries out your indoor air. The first is that it is heating the air and evaporating all the moisture out of it, resulting in bone dry air being pumped in. The second is that the filter is taking a large amount of moisture out of the air by being too dense. Both are not correct. Your furnace isn’t drying out the air in your home at all, the air was already that way when it went in.

When the temperature drops outside, the humidity in the air goes down as well. This means the air being taken in by your furnace has very low moisture levels already. So yes, your furnace is pumping in dry air, but it’s because the air outside was already dry in the first place, before it was heated. Furnaces do not dry out your air, they just heat it and move it.

What can you do if your indoor air is too dry and making you suffer? Consider investing in a humidifier for the winter. Cunningham Associates offers a full range of humidifier models and capacities. Call us today at (770) 455-6722!

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