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An HVAC system’s main goal is to uphold a comfortable temperature in your house, regardless of outdoor weather. So, never is it clearer how much we depend on efficient heating or cooling than when we’re faced with our home’s HVAC system breaking down. The typical cause of failure is the absence of routine maintenance, which… Read more »

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The fact is that most furnaces are only made to last about 15-20 years under normal operating conditions before they will need to be replaced. However, if you are like many homeowners with an aging furnace, you may be tempted to continue to use your furnace well past the 20-year mark. While it may seem… Read more »

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With summer upon us, it is likely that you are relying heavily on your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. This makes it important that you stay on top of regular maintenance in order to ensure that your air conditioner is able to effectively cool your home throughout the coming months. While replacing your… Read more »

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If your AC is malfunctioning, it’s important to get it repaired as soon as possible. A lot of people wait for a while before calling in an air conditioning contractor. During that time, they might continue to use the malfunctioning AC or they might go without an AC. However, these are not good options because… Read more »

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Now that spring has arrived, temperatures are quickly climbing here in Georgia. Is your air conditioner running, but not cooling your home? If your A/C is blowing warm air, this blog post explains several potential causes. Failing Compressor Your air conditioner’s compressor circulates refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor components. If the compressor is damaged,… Read more »