Does Your HVAC Spread Dust In Your Home?

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Dust is constantly present in your home. Every week you will notice a new layer gathering on any surface that remains still, but while we all know that dust comes from pets, people, and the outside air itself, is your HVAC system causing you to accumulate more? The answer to that seemingly simple question is… Read more »

How HVAC Zoning Systems Work

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Every house has at least one area that seems to never be just the right temperature. You may feel your bedroom is never as warm as you want it in the winter, and the second story of your home never gets cool enough in the summer. However, HVAC zoning is the answer to this age-old… Read more »

What’s Causing My Furnace to Short Cycle?

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If your furnace turns on and off frequently soon after starting, this event is known as short cycling. The term is used to describe a furnace that is not running the full cycle. This not only results in higher energy bills, since a furnace turning on often uses the most energy, but it also means… Read more »