Does Your Furnace Dry Out Your Air?

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There are two schools of thought about a furnace and how it dries out your indoor air. The first is that it is heating the air and evaporating all the moisture out of it, resulting in bone dry air being pumped in. The second is that the filter is taking a large amount of moisture… Read more »

How Does Rust Hurt Your Furnace and Heating System?

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Homeowners who routinely inspect their furnace and heating system can sometimes overlook the presence of rust. Rust is more than just a cosmetic problem for your system. It can also lead to considerable damage later. The first step in preventing problems from rust is knowing what could potentially occur if rust develops. Heat Pump Rust… Read more »

Does Your HVAC Spread Dust In Your Home?

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Dust is constantly present in your home. Every week you will notice a new layer gathering on any surface that remains still, but while we all know that dust comes from pets, people, and the outside air itself, is your HVAC system causing you to accumulate more? The answer to that seemingly simple question is… Read more »