Does Your HVAC Spread Dust in Your Home?

Dust is constantly present in your home. Every week you will notice a new layer gathering on any surface that remains still, but while we all know that dust comes from pets, people, and the outside air itself, is your HVAC system causing you to accumulate more? The answer to that seemingly simple question is not just a simple “yes” or “no” as it depends on your overall system health.

In your central air HVAC system, the air is taken in and sent through an air filter. This catches larger particulate like dust particles. The air is then heated or cooled depending on the season and sent into you home with minimal dust particles. However, that doesn’t mean your HVAC system isn’t making your home dustier. There are two issues that can cause your home to grow dustier due to your HVAC.

Dirty Air Filter

An air filter needs to be changed every three months during regular heating or cooling seasons. If you neglect changing this filter, it will eventually get dirty and cease to function as efficiently. Dust starts to get through, your HVAC system needs to work harder, and your energy bills go up. However, the dust that makes it through to your home even with a dirty air filter is pretty minimal. What is more likely to happen is that dust will build up on the working parts of your HVAC system, causing issues down the line.

Dusty Ducts

If your duct system has dust in it, then it will obviously make its way into your home. Typically the air filter prevents this, but if your ducts have leaks, then dust can enter them directly. This leak in your duct system causes costly hemorrhaging of treated air as well as allows dust in to be pumped inside as the system runs.

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