What’s the Best Temperature to Set Your AC To?

finger setting temperature on a thermostat

Finding the best temperature to set your AC to will not only keep your home cool and comfortable during Atlanta’s steamy summers—it can prevent wear and tear on your HVAC system and keep more money in your pocket. If you wonder about the best temperature for energy saving, Cunningham Associates Heating & Air Conditioning is here to answer your questions and provide summertime climate control solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Discover the Best AC Temperature for Summer in Atlanta

You don’t have to settle for a shockingly high energy bill just to keep your home comfortable during the sweltering summer months. The best AC temperature for a low electricity bill is between 72 and 78 degrees. This is a range most homeowners can live with! While you may be someone who cranks the AC down below 70 when the temperatures outside soar, finding a happy medium in this range promotes a cool environment without running your air conditioner all day and night.

For best results, adjust your thermostat setting depending on the time of day and activity in the home. For example:

  • If everyone is out of the house during the daytime hours, set the temperature at 78 degrees. No need to keep the home chilly when no one is home.
  • During the early evening, when it tends to heat up outside, choose a setting between 72 and 74 degrees. This will cool down the home and keep it comfortable as the family prepares dinner and settles in for the night.
  • When it’s time for bed, adjust the setting to the lower end of the range—72 degrees. This cooler setting promotes better sleep without spiking your energy bill.
  • If your home is susceptible to mold growth, set the thermostat at 72 degrees. While the best AC temperature to prevent mold growth is between 68 and 72 degrees, keeping it at the upper end of the range will give you mold-inhibiting results without the high price tag.

The Benefits of Finding the Best AC Temperature for Energy Saving

Every family has a different perspective when it comes to the perfect climate control. Customizing the thermostat setting to meet your unique home needs and family preferences is a more cost-effective approach than setting it low and forgetting it.

An AC setting between 72 and 78 degrees and adjusting within the range as needed will provide several benefits:

  • Giving your AC a much-needed break
  • Preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC system
  • Lowering your overall energy usage
  • Decreasing your summertime electricity bill
  • Preventing a hot home environment

Need help to remember to adjust the AC for optimal usage? Consider installing a programmable or smart thermostat for a hassle-free way to achieve the right balance between home comfort and energy savings.

Let Atlanta’s AC Pros Help You Keep Your Home Cool All Summer Long

Determining the best AC temperature for summer in Atlanta doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Implement these energy-saving tips for a cool home that doesn’t break the bank. You can also count on our trusted AC technicians for professional services to keep your air conditioner running efficiently—no matter what the hot, sticky Atlanta summer throws your way. Contact Cunningham Associates Heating & Air Conditioning by calling 770-343-7565 or scheduling service online.