3 Odors That Signal Your Air Conditioning Needs Servicing

When you are greeted with foul odors instead of nice, cool air after you turn on your air conditioner, there could be a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Ignoring the odor could mean putting your home’s air quality at risk. It could also mean a major repair later down the line. That said, here are a few odors to look out for and what you can do about them.


One of the most common odors that an air conditioner can have is mildew and there is a good reason for it. The air conditioner is responsible for dehumidifying air as it is pulled into the unit. Sometimes, this means water collects and lingers – which can lead to the development of mildew. In most instances, simply changing out the air filter should do the fix.

Cigarette Smoke:

Another foul odor that could find its way into your air conditioner is cigarette smoke. The odor not only gets trapped in the air filter but can also permeate the evaporator coil. As the air passes through the coil, the smell is pushed throughout your home. Although changing the filter can sometimes help, you will need to have the coils professionally cleaned in order to eliminate the odor.

Electrical Odor:

An electrical odor, such as a burning or fishy smell, is usually an indication that the air conditioner has an electrical issue that needs to be addressed. In some instances, the odor means that there are components that are overheating. Continuing to operate the air conditioner with the overheating parts could lead to a fire. Until the unit can be fully inspected by a professional, do not use it.

If your air conditioner is producing foul odors, contact us to schedule a thorough inspection of the unit. Our team here at Cunningham Associates can diagnose and repair the problem so that you and your family can enjoy cool air, without the smelly odors!

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