Air Conditioning Services That Contribute to High Performing HVAC Systems.

With summer right around the corner, homeowners need to give focus to the overall health of their HVAC systems. Our team of highly skilled and experienced HVAC technicians strive to provide all our valued clients with the highest quality air conditioning services this side of the state.  With that said, we want to share some important tasks our techs can perform to ensure that your cooling system is operating effectively and efficiently.

  • Condenser unit checkup – The outside condenser unit pulls the hot air from your home and delivers it to the outdoors. If the condenser is not working properly, the heat will not be able to escape freely causing your system to run longer and harder in order to keep the atmospheres cool in your home. Our technicians will inspect the condenser unit to ensure that all of its components are working at peak levels, and will perform necessary repairs as needed.
  • Duct sealing – Most homes have leaky duct work that ultimately forces the AC system to work harder and run longer. Our team will perform necessary duct sealing using a sealant or metal tape to cover the existing leaks, add a layer of insulation around the duct work, and will also reseal or refit any ducts that are poorly connected. These effective solutions are not only energy efficient, but will help to provide more comfortable atmospheres in your home.
  • AC system inspection – If your system presents with unusual sounds or unfamiliar smells coming from the ventilation system, be sure to contact our team of specialists. Our certified HVAC technicians will inspect the system, identify problems and their sources, and provide effective and efficient system solutions as needed.
  • Routine AC maintenance – Annual maintenance of your cooling system is essential to the proper performance and functionality of your system. Routine maintenance contributes to the efficiency of your AC, helps to prevent costly repairs and breakdowns, and minimizes energy bills. We highly recommend that you schedule your AC tune-up and inspection during the spring.

Summer is right around the corner, so be sure to contact our team of friendly technicians to schedule your routine maintenance today. Cunningham Associates look forward to serving you and to providing you with the best air conditioning services year after year.

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