Dunwoody, GA - Our HVAC Technicians Specialize in Heat Pump Replacement Services

Do you manage your home’s internal temperature with a heat pump system? Although there are many good reasons to do so, you must be aware that no home heating and cooling solution will last forever.

One day, you’re likely going to have to replace your heat pump. Preparing to do so is easier when you’re familiar with the signs of a failing system. Our Atlanta-based HVAC contractors at Cunningham Associates, offering heat pump replacement services to homeowners in Dunwoody, GA and the surrounding areas, specifically recommend keeping an eye out for these warning signs:

High Energy Bills

A heat pump is an efficient option to consider when deciding what type of system is ideal for keeping your home’s temperature comfortable and consistent throughout the year. However, any type of HVAC system can use a large amount of energy when compared to various other home systems and appliances.

Additionally, as a heat pump nears the end of its lifespan, it will no longer function as efficiently as it did when you first had it installed. Thus, when running your heat pump, it’s a good idea to monitor your energy bills. If they’re higher than they typically are during a given time of year, this may indicate you need to replace your current heat pump with a replacement. One of our technicians can inspect your system and determine whether you need heat pump replacement service.

This highlights a critical point: Installing a new heat pump can actually save you a lot of money in the long run by reducing your bills. This is worth considering if you’re reluctant to schedule heat pump replacement service for financial reasons.

Old Age

When your new heat pump is being installed, ask about how long your particular model should remain in good working order if you stay on top of upkeep and schedule regular maintenance. Our team members will be happy to discuss this topic in greater detail.

Most heat pumps have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. Once your heat pump is 15 years old, even if it still seems to be working reliably, you should at least schedule an inspection with experts. You need a professional to confirm that you can continue relying on your existing system for another few years.

Frequent Repairs

Prioritizing maintenance is key to ensuring your heat pump delivers consistent performance. However, there may nevertheless be times when your heat pump needs some basic repairs.

This is common for any major appliance. You don’t necessarily have to schedule heat pump replacement service the first time your system stops working as well as it normally does.

Just remember that you shouldn’t expect a heat pump to require frequent repairs. If your heat pump is constantly breaking down or failing to perform as reliably as it used to, it’s likely time to swap out your current unit with a new one. This is another instance in which scheduling heat pump replacement service can benefit your bank account.

Do you suspect your heat pump might need to be replaced soon? Get in touch with our team at Cunningham Associates, serving homeowners in and around Dunwoody, GA if so. We’ll inspect your system and let you know what your options are. Contact us online for more information or give us a call at (770) 343-7565.

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