Dehumidifiers: Overrated Or Underrated?

A portable dehumidifier in a living room

While the spring weather has rolled on by, let’s face it, some of us are dreading what is to come in the form of humidity. While getting warmer weather can be fun to get outside more often, we can personally deal without the humidity that comes along with that weather. If you are sick of humidity ruining your mood, fortunately for you, dehumidifiers exist, and they might change your world.

Why Humidity Stinks

Humidity in the warmer months can be a hassle as high humidity levels can make the warm air feel hotter than it truly is because of how our bodies regulate temperature. Excessive humidity can reduce the rate at which our sweat evaporates from our skin, leading to that annoying feeling of sticking to the couch and breaking a sweat climbing a staircase even worse. Let’s not even get started on how humidity can make getting your hair ready in the morning a hassle.

Dehumidifiers In The Home

The benefit of a dehumidifier in the home can extend past personal comfort and, in fact, be helpful to your home’s foundational structure. For starters, a dehumidifier can help with regulating temperature across your home in warmer climates, leading you not to crank the air conditioner higher than it needs to be. Running your air conditioner less often will put less strain on your HVAC system, but you can save on your utility bills as well!

In humid environments, you can be dealing with excess moisture across the home that can lead to mold growth if kept unchecked. Mold growth can be tricky to spot, and instead of inspecting all your furniture, air vents, or clothes constantly, have peace of mind with a dehumidifier.

Which Dehumidifier Do I Get?

While there are portable dehumidifiers that seem convenient due to their small-scale nature, you could invest in the better option of a whole-home dehumidifier. Whole-home dehumidifiers can work alongside your HVAC system to reduce humidity across, you guessed it, the entire home. WIth whole-home dehumidifiers running alongside your HVAC system, they can help curb mold growth not only in rooms but in your air ducts.

The issue with portable dehumidifiers is not necessarily that they do not function properly but the scale they operate. Portable dehumidifiers do not have the energy to generate the airflow necessary to dehumidify more than just one room. If your humidity is an issue across several rooms in your home, you would need several portable dehumidifiers constantly running, and that’s not cheap. A whole-home dehumidifier is a better value and will help keep your home’s humidity levels consistent.

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