Protect Your Home And Wallet With A Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector

Close up of a carbon monoxide detector

Traditional carbon monoxide alarms can get the job done, but why live with a device that only does the bare minimum? With smart carbon monoxide detectors, you not only can have added comfort to your home but have access to features that can protect your family easier with enhanced accessibility. If you haven’t upgraded to a smart carbon monoxide detector, we’re here to help showcase some benefits that you are missing out on.

Knowing The Source Of The Problem

The best tool we can have is a carbon monoxide alarm when dealing with carbon monoxide. WIth hard-wired alarms, the issue of trying to locate which alarm is going off can be a hassle in larger homes. If your alarm is going off in the basement, but you’re upstairs in your bedroom, you may not hear the alarm going off until you venture down to the kitchen minutes later.

Time is of the essence with carbon monoxide leaks, and with a smart alarm, you can get notifications sent to your phone. No matter where you are notification will be sent to your phone to tell you where the potential leak is located. Not only will this alert you faster, but it can help emergency responders find the source of the leak much faster.

Knowing When To Change The Batteries

We know we need to change the batteries regularly with traditional smoke alarms, but it can be easy to forget if we do not keep track, and you can be left with a noisy reminder beeping. Avoid potentially having your carbon monoxide alarm die in the middle of the night by having access to the battery level of all your smart alarms from your phone.

Push Notifications

The best feature of a smart alarm is having push notifications sent to your phone no matter where you are in the day. If you happen to be out running errands, you can have a push notification alert you to potential carbon monoxide leaks, and you can promptly call emergency responders and alert anyone potentially nearby.

What’s The Catch?

With new features comes an increased price tag for smart carbon monoxide alarms, but they are worth the investment when it comes to protecting your home. A smart carbon monoxide detector with basic push notification features is probably the best-suited option to save money, and remember to have one for each room in your home.

At Cunningham Associates we have dealt with our fair share of carbon monoxide leaks, and we know that routine maintenance of your furnace and HVAC system can help cut down on potential leaks. So call (770) 343-7565 today and prevent any unwanted leaks.