Dave Lennox Signature® Collection CBX40UHV Variable Speed Air Handler

One of the quietest and most efficient air handlers you can buy



    Here are some of the top features of the CBX40UHV:

    • More-efficient operation reduces electric consumption and conserves resources.
    • Variable speed blower motor allows enhanced humidity control, improved air quality and more consistent temperature for added comfort.
    • Factory-installed MERV 16 Precision Pleat™ media filter provides healthier indoor air.
    • SilentComfort™ technology delivers the ultimate in quiet, consistent cooling and heating.

Energy Efficiency

    • Offers greater cooling efficiency when matched with specific air conditioners or heat pumps
    • More-efficient operation—reduces electric consumption and conserves resources
    • iComfort®-enabled technology—allows the air handler, when installed with the easy-to-use programmable iComfort WiFi® Touchscreen Thermostat, to exchange information and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance and efficiency**

Quiet Operation

    • SilentComfort™ technology—delivers the ultimate in quiet, consistent cooling and heating
    • Variable speed blower motor—allows enhanced humidity control, improved air quality and more consistent temperature for added comfort

Home Comfort

    • Variable speed blower motor—allows superior ramp-up control in heating mode, eliminating uncomfortable bursts of cold air
    • High-static capability—adjusts airflow to meet the comfort requirements of your home
    • Factory-installed MERV 16 Precision Pleat™ media filter—provides healthier indoor air and reduces the space required for installation
    • Improved humidity control
    • Staged electric heat strips—provide just the right amount of heat


    • Quality you can trust— designed with reliable, time-tested components
    • Antimicrobial drain pan— resists the growth of mold and mildew
    • Meets Florida standard for less than 2% air leakage from units

Environmentally Responsible

    • Compatible with chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant systems—which provide exceptional comfort without exacting a costly environmental toll
    • No ozone emissions— a known lung irritant


CBX40UHV Air Handler Product Brochure


*Based on sound pressure levels during operation of CBX40UHV-36 with factory installed MERV16 Precision Pleat™media filter and leading competitive three-ton units at equivalent external static pressure when set up per section 4.5.3 of AHRI's test standard. AHRI 260-2001; and efficiency (CFM/Watt) ratings established per AHRI's test standard: ANSI/AHRI 210/240-2008.
**iComfort Wi-Fi® Touchscreen Thermostat must be installed with an iComfort-enabled indoor unit.


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