4 Questions You Should Ask Before You Decide to Replace Your Furnace

Tech working on furnace

It’s about time to switch off your air conditioner and turn on your heat. However, before you make the seasonal shift, take a moment to assess your heating system’s performance from last year. Asking yourself a few quick questions can tell you whether your heating system needs replacing.

How Old is Your System?

Age matters when it comes to your heating system. Most manufacturers put a 15- to 20-year lifespan on their products. How long your furnace lasts predominantly depends on how well you maintained the unit through the years of use. If your furnace is at or beyond its anticipated life expectancy, professionals highly recommended you consider replacing the system before a permanent breakdown forces your hand.

What was Your Energy Bill Like Last Winter?

Heating your home isn’t cheap, but if you’ve lived in your house for three or more years, you can likely estimate the average cost. If your energy bill in its entirety rose last winter, there’s a strong chance your furnace is running less efficiently. Keep in mind that your furnace should also be of a certain age combined with that recent energy spike for a replacement unit to be in consideration.

Was Your Furnace Noisier Than Usual?

Increased noise is a good indication something isn’t quite right with your furnace. From rattles to squeals, a noisy furnace, at the very least, requires the expertise of a heating repair professional. Now, if you hear a symphony of noises, you may want to talk to the technician about replacing that furnace.

Did Your Furnace Need Multiple Repairs Last Winter?

If you paid for repair after repair last heating season, it’s time to invest in a new furnace. You will be spending that money anyway on more repairs this year, so why not put that amount toward a new system and save yourself repair costs in the long-run? You also get the benefit of saving money on your energy bill this year!

Local HVAC Professionals in the Greater Atlanta, GA Area

Depending on how you answer these 4 questions above will help you determine if it’s time to replace your home’s furnace or heating system.  If you are still caught in a debate about if or when to replace your furnace, contact Cunningham Associates. We will help you determine the most beneficial course of action for your situation.

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