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“We won't let our customers down. We are focused on delivering great service, and the customer is always first. At Cunningham Associates, we are committed, we care, and we strive to exceed your expectations.”

- Bob Cunningham, Founder and President

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Choosing a heating and air conditioning company is an important decision. We encourage you to read reviews to find out what our clients have to say about us.

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Here is a selection of the kind words we've received from our clients:

For heating and air, we just use Cunningham Associates, and we found them in Home Reports. They've been awesome, they've just been great. They've serviced our stuff, and they've also put in several systems.

I use Cunningham Associates Heating & Air, and I'm very pleased with them. I use them for maintenance on a regular basis. They are respectful of my home when they come in. They are prompt to show up.

Cunningham Associates had good expertise available in their offices here in Atlanta. They were able to deal with a finicky condo air conditioning unit. They helped me to track down parts for it, even though it was no longer manufactured. They did a good job of working with only replacing what was needed to keep the unit functioning, as opposed to going to a whole replacement option. Overall, I'm satisfied with them, and I will use them again.

We've always used them and always liked them. They've always been very, very good. It's a good track record. They're a very good company.

They are a great company, and I recommend them to all of my customers.

They did a good job, a fine job. I've been with them quite a while, and I'm satisfied, and I expect to keep using them.

They were really friendly, they did a great job, and they're really quick. Our heat went out right before the snowstorm, so luckily, they came and checked it out and got the part in the next day. They were just awesome all the way around.

They did a very good job. They've been over several times. They're responsive and get there when you call them.

They’ve done a superb job from the get-go. From the time that Bob Cunningham opened his office, he’s done all my office work and my home work. His lead technical guy is probably the best in the business.

It's been outstanding. We've used them twice before, so they came just yesterday for general service. They're here when they tell us they are going to be here. They're on time, prompt, very pleasant and very helpful. I can't complain; we were very pleased with them.

I thought they were great. I needed them to come out right away, and they were the only company I called that was able to send somebody out right away to help. He solved the problem very quickly and for not very much money.

They're the best in the field. They've done whole furnace replacements and full air conditioning replacements. They're very good; their technicians are very well trained. We've been here in Atlanta over 20 years, and I've had experiences with other companies. These people are very invested in what they do.

They're very good, they really are. They installed a heating and air conditioning unit a couple of years ago. They've been doing the maintenance since then, and the service has been great. They're very reputable. I highly recommend them. We get good technicians every time. We've had good results with what they did, and they follow up by coming out once or twice a year, to check everything.

We were quite satisfied with this service. They came in twice — once for a heating problem and the other one was a routine air conditioning checkup for the summer. My wife was happy with the people who came.

They're great. We've used them a lot, and I've recommended them to other people. They follow up, they come when they say they're going to come, and they let you know they're coming. They're just a great company to work with. I've been with them for a few seasons. They put in a new system, and they did some rather lengthy work for us, and then, they service us every year. They're just very, very ethical.

My experience with them has been great. They're particularly responsive and timely when we call. They're always able to find somebody to come out to the house. We've been with them for a few seasons. They were great.

I was very happy with their service. Their service tech was very professional, and he answered my questions when I asked about general stuff, too. He was very generous with the time and gave me his honest opinion, so, I definitely appreciated that. They're a great company.

I used Cunningham at my last house, twice, and they did a good job. One thing in particular required a creative idea, and they were able to solve it. So, as far as fixing the problem, they were able to handle that.

Cunningham Associates are the only ones we ever use. We rate them very highly, because they're the best. What makes them the best is their service. The service men are very reliable, very dependable, and they come when they say they're going to be there. Their prices are fair.

These folks are experts in Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance in the Mentor OH metro area. - Anderson Heating & Cooling

Cunningham Associates Heating & Air are our regular servicemen, and they're wonderful. They always show up on time and actually call me back, when I call them. They're really great and polite. They're not typical repairmen.